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Case #: 4760859

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Something has gone terribly wrong.... :eek:


I received an email from Tech Support re: new message.


Upon reading message I was directed to request a RMA. The system then sorta went haywire and told me my case ID/Password were incorrect. I was never issued with a password.


I used the link on the Request RMA (If you have forgotten your password, Click Here.) to email me a password, this was sent. Still no luck.

I'm still being told: "Case ID and/or Password are Incorrect."


I'm trying to relay information to the Supplier of your product to expedite replacement/repair.


When I tried to review Tech Support messages again, I've been informed the it either does not exist or a browser fault has occurred. This I do not understand as I've read the messages previously.


Sometimes it is great to live in Australia, and sometimes it is a real PITA... :laughing:


Please help. Having real problems.

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  • Corsair Employees

If you did the RMA with your reseller then you would have to speak with them. And the case number you gave is not complete and has not been registered as an RMA only a message.

When you log in do not cut copy and past the log-in information that is most likely what is wrong if so.

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You have a problem and everyone wants to compound it rather than fix it.

Thanks Ram Guy, no help at all.


This is a fiasco. NOT caused by you guys, but my supplier, your Australian Approved Service Agent and inflexible BS.

I've been trying top get info and possible approvals to pass on to the retailer to expedite things. But is this happening? Nooooooo...


You guys must really hate Australians.


This is the 21st Century, and many things are done on-line. The purchaser now has much less power and manufacturers and retailers seem to have become grossly more ignorant and full off themselves as they (grouped together) screw the hell out of their users/customers. No longer do they need to worry about user/customer satisfaction because their customer base has gone from local to international and there is no need to good customer relations.


I was after simple information Ram Guy, that's all and you fobbed me off. Thanks a lot pal.


Screw you! :mad::mad::mad:


Now, in my post, did I mention an RMA with my retailer? I did exactly what my retailer asked me to do, because you guys sat on your hands and supplied no information or assistance to me, a foreigner, who thought you product WAS the premier system available. The product may well be a premier item, but it seems backup is a minor hiccup in the pocketing of the profits.


As I said, this is a fiasco, you offering nothing, and the retailer and YOUR Australian Authorised Service Agent/importer are both sitting on their hands, possibly hoping that I'll lose interest. Well I've just about had enough of the buck passing and denials.


At this stage, I'll be hard pressed to purchase any more of your products and will not recommend you products to anyone.


We live in a less than urban location, I am disabled and rely on purchasing many, many items online. Some suppliers are pretty good and some are atrocious. Guess which category you guys along with your Australian cronies belong?


You informed me that the case number I quoted was wrong?? Well, I've copied and pasted the email Tech Support Express sent to me. Please note the QUOTED Case number......


Please do not reply directly to this e-mail as this address is not monitored.


Corsair Technical Support has sent you a message regarding Case #4760859




This message is to inform you that Technical Support advises that you request an RMA for your support case. We have investigated your support case in detail, and have deemed this to be the best course of action.


Please click the link below to go directly to the RMA Request form.




Once your RMA # has been assigned you will receive more information via email.


Thank You!


Corsair Inc.

Corsair Corporate Headquarters

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  • Corsair Employees


I think you miss understand what I posted and for that I am sorry but calling us names will not help the situation...

I'm trying to relay information to the Supplier of your product to expedite replacement/repair.

First if you did an RMA with your reseller there is nothing we can do with that, it will not cross to your case you created directly with us.

Resellers will normally go back through distribution and we (Tech Support) would not have anything to do with their RMA or sales.


In your case 4760859 there is virtually no information only your name and email address and the statement about the issue that is all that is there...

And I would suggest getting the unit replaced based on what you stated. so I sent the instructions to get the unit replaced. Your reseller should be able to help you with that rather than doing an RMA directly with us but if all else fails then please complete the form and we will be happy to replace it.


And to be clear I am suggesting the reseller as the first point of contact for the simple reason that our closest hub to you is in Taiwan. Our warranty policy would require you to pay the shipping to us and we pay the shipping to you. And again I am sorry but from Tech support we cannot over ride that policy. It would require you to call our customer service by phone and work that out with them. You can do this for free by calling the toll free number using Skype.

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  • Corsair Employees


I am sorry about that; you are welcome to contact our Tech support by phone the number is listed under contact on the main site; perhaps they can provide you with what ever it is that you are trying to get. You can also install skype and call the toll free number that is listed and it would be a free call.

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