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Concerned about cooling in my new 650D


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Hey guys. I'm building a rig this weekend. I've been reading through a bunch of reviews while waiting for parts and I'm a little concerned about cooling in my system. *Here's my setup:


Corsair Obsidian Series 650D Case

ASUS P8Z77-V PRO LGA 1155 Intel Z77

Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50 GHz LGA1155

Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)*

ASUS GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II OC

Corsair Force Series GT 240GB SSD

SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W ATX12V


My biggest issue is that from what I've read the corsair 650D has middle of the road cooling (negative pressure). Combined with the fact that the Asus direct CU 680 card pumps hot air back into the case, I'm concerned that I may have poor air flow in the case.*


The general airflow appears to be as follows:*


(1) Stock 200mm intake fan in the front (bottom) pulls cool air into the case.


(2) Cool air mixes with hot air exhausted from ASUS graphics card and flows towards the CPU.


(3) Luke warm air (!!) flows into CPU and is pulled out via a stock 120mm exhaust fan in the back and a 200mm fan on the top of the case.


I'm trying to think of ways to improve positive air pressure and overall flow in the case and I'm thinking maybe I'll mount a gentle typhoon 120mm fan into the 5.25 drive bays.*That would result in mostly cool air flowing into the CPU (versus step 3 above).*


Do you guys think mounting a fan in the 5.25 bay makes sense for my configuration? Or is it unnecessary?


Note: The PSU is mounted at the bottom under a kind of closed loop... so I've ignored it.

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I might have a solution for that:


1. Flip to top fan upside down so it becomes an intake.

2. Get four of these (sorry, not sure of the correct word for them - distance holder?), four nuts, four fitting screws, and a fan grill like the ones they use for watercooling.

3. Now install the fan using the nuts and distance holders.

4. Add something which will work as a dust filter (i've got some mosquito net here, which i will use for this).

5. Mount the fan grill with the screws.


This way you tackled several problems at the same time: you'll have positive pressure in the case, you can still use the drive bay for something else, dust won't be a problem as you can easily remove the grill to clean the filter, and it's quite cheap while still looking good.



If you keep the 200 mm fan in the top the installation will even be easier, as you can use the 'old' screws.

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Yes Gentle Typhoon is Excellent for 5.25 drive bay.

If DVD-RW is on top exactly you have place for 120mm fan and one whole for plastic wire to hold fan. You have little place for SATA cable on top of fan and GT will stay good on that place. Best option is AP-14 no need for lower speed. Or maybe GT AP-15 with some resistors like from H70 and you have two options with one fan than.

AP-15 becomes AP-14 with some resistor.

Obsidian 650D is best case for all combination and cooling can be excelent with only 3-4 max 5 good fans.

200mm MegaFlow x2 and few Gentle Typhoons AP-15 and AP-14 are enough.

No need for lower speed than 1400rpm GT is almost silent and on 1700rpm.

In winter you can remove few GT on summer put 2-3 more and remove one 200mm.

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Hey everyone. As a follow-up to this thread, I ran some benchmarks with and without the 120mm gentle typhoon fan in the drive bay.


WITHOUT the fan, I was idling at around 30-31 degrees at default frequency (3.5 Ghz with some kind of auto OC to 3.7 Ghz) and stock settings on my 3770. After running prime 95 for 15 mins, the temperature on the 4 cores would increase to the low 60s with max temps of around 66-68 degrees.


WITH the fan, I'm idling at around 26-28 degrees. After around 15 mins in prime 95, I'm looking at core temps in the 55-60 range with max temps of 61-62.


So basically the fan resulted in 4-5 degrees of consistent cooling at both idle and load! Pretty good results. I'd recommend anyone with air flow issues in the 650D install an intake fan in the 5.25 drive bay.

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