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Corsair Driver Update on F60 SSD - Problem


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I have been trying to update the drive to Firmware 2.4. Unfortunately Windows 7 (64) only lists it, F60 SSD, as "DiskDrive" When I try to refresh list I get 'no disks found' I've tried changing the priorities but it is always listed as "DiskDrive". Windows 7 driver updater always puts a Microsoft driver as the driver. I am running it as an administrator. When I first installed the F60 SSD Windows 7 listed it as F60 SSD but everytime I try to run the Corsair driver updater for Firmware 2.4 I keep getting no disk drives no matter how many times I push "Refresh DiskDrive List" Do I need to go into the BIOS for my ASUS Crosshair Formula IV MoBo and try to update the driver there? I am just trying to get the F60 SSD up to date so I can transfer the Windows 7 (64) operation files to it. Currently have Windows 7 on a WD Velociraptor 150GB HDD. I have looked at FAQs and helpful subject threads on SSDs but I must be missing something simple. Any help would be warmly accepted. Thanks.
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