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My thoughts on K60 and M90


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I've been using these 2 for the past 2 weeks now, and surprisingly enough, from what i've been reading on the forums here, I havn't had any problems with either of them.


There are however a couple of things that could have been improved upon. (the mouse, more-so than the keyboard)


For the keyboard, I dont have any issues with it, except what everyone else seems to talk about, and thats the keys darkening. I've noticed my E key is noticeably darker than all the other keys. Not an issue right now, but obviously will begin to get worse over time, and I'll most likely end up having to RMA the keyboard, which leads me to the question I have about the keyboard: What are the chances of RMA'ing the keyboard, and requesting a K90 in return? Is Corsair happy to do this? I bought the K60 originally because I didn't think I would have the room on my desk for the K90, but after using the K60, I am pretty sure the K90 would fit nicely. Maybe RAMguy can answer this for me?


Onto the mouse. I have a couple of issues with the mouse. Not technical issues, but issues with the physical design.

In my opinion, the M90 is a little on the heavy side. Noticeably heavier than any other mouse i've ever used, and as a result, I find my little finger aching after half an hour of gaming because of the amount of grip required to lift the mouse.

Also I have notice when lifting the mouse, it instantly tilts back, which suggests the weight of the mouse is not evenly distributed, and the majority of the weight in the mouse, is at the back. This, I would consider a design flaw.

Another design flaw in my opinion is the side buttons. They require too much force to press. For the side buttons to be perfect, they should require the same amount of pressure as the button on the top of the mouse (the one behind the mouse wheel) That button is perfect - pressure wise.


I love Corsair's products, and their customer support is second to none. Most of my computer is made from Corsair stuff (PSU, Memory, Heatsink, Case, Keyboard, Mouse)

I hope to see improvements like what I mentioned, to future Corsair gaming products, as I am happy to buy Corsair stuff in the future.

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Thats cool, thanks!

Could you possibly comment on the possibility of RMA'ing my K60 for a K90 replacement? I will most likely need to RMA, as the keys will, no doubt, darken over time. My E key is already starting to fade.

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