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K90 with all F-keys, keys above arrow keys, and media keys unlit


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Here is my first K90 which was almost perfect. Just had 1 key that had a dead LED.


I RMA'd this...


and got...



Now it is not only one key that's unlit, but all F-keys, keys above arrow keys, and media keys are unlit.


I RMA'd this one again, and asked for Advance RMA with a prepaid return shipping label. I felt like I deserved this since this is already my second K90. My RMA was approved, and I got my prepaid return shipping label, but I did not get to have my Advance RMA. Is it possible for this this to be arranged for me? I'm no longer receiving replies from Corsair via e-mail. I cannot afford to let go of this keyboard as it's the only one I have.


Case #4716107‏

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