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So I just got my 16GB Corsair Vengeance(CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B) and I spent all day yesterday testing & changing clocks & testing again. Found out it won't run stable at 1800MHz like my old RAM(which is ok since it's only rated for 1600 anyway), so I dropped it to 1067, which put it at around 1400 effectively, and upped my CPU overclock to 4.0GHz which put it at 1520.


I'm ok with this, and it passed a memtest, and ran fine & seemed stable for the rest of the day, but I decided to run memtest overnight to be sure and this popped up:




I have no experience with memtest86 and have always done my overclocking via upping my clocks and testing with Prime and OCCT(both memory and CPU). Normally when I get an error I just downclock a little & try again, but in this case my CPU is completely stable, and the RAM is under specified clocks, so I don't really want to go any lower.


So here's my questions:


Is this just a hiccup, possibly caused by dust sneaking into the a slot while installing the ram or some other random event?


I noticed it was only a 4 byte problem & it said it only occurred once, but then it reads 11 under the errors column. Why isn't it showing the other 10?


Is this the fault of it being run at 1520 instead of 1600?


Is this going to effect every day use(As I stated it ran fine all day before that test and I didn't notice anything)?


Should I consider RMAing the RAM(I HATE RMAing things as it leaves me high & dry in the meantime)?


Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance for any answers!

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