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Vengeance 1500 Setting Help?


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Hello to who ever may be reading this. Well I just bought the 1500's yesterday and they arrive at my door about 4 hours ago. Unfortunately for me, I don't know all that much about audio.


Because of that, I've come here for some assistance on helping me find what EQ Settings would best suit my needs / preferences.


I just came off the Senheiser HD 555's which in comparison to the 1500's were a little deeper in tone (not sure the audio technical term so I'll just call it deeper) and I would like to achieve a similar sound again.


I've put it to virtual 7.1 and I would like to try to use one profile for both music and FPS games.


These are my current settings and they're close to what I want but not there 100% just yet:




So what I'm looking for is:


EQ Settings that have a good mixture between bass (not much, just a small rumble would be nice) and a deeper than default sound because when I launched up some games, the gunfire was very high pitched comparably and pretty sharp which I didn't like and I feel could be bothersome after long play times.


Hopefully I worded everything well enough to get some assistance. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and if you help me, even more appreciated. All settings given to me will be tried and considered.


Thanks again,



Edit: Just wanted to add that I'm really liking the headset so far and I can see this being well worth the money. Loving the braided cable. The cable on the Senheiser 555's was the reason I had to make the switch to these.

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