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I think I messed up...


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After a 14 hour work day and running on 2 hours of sleep, I hastily ordered a Corsair Vengeance C70 Arctic White (Because it looks awesome). I never thought as my motherboard being huge but I guess it is. I have an EVGA P67 FTW (link here ). My current case is the Obsidian 800d, and if you are wondering why I am downgrading my case, it's because i've had my 800d since it's launch, and it is getting EXTREMELY old and worn. I can't find anything better so I was hoping to live off a c70 case until corsair releases a replacement for the 800d.


Just trying to confirm if i'm screwed and my mobo is too big for my c70, the mobo states that it's EATX but the c70 says ATX in the specs.


Anybody have an idea if it will still fit? If not, I either have to switch motherboards or return the case =(


I appreciate any input, thanks a lot!

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Looks great, YB, thanks for the help. I would have regretted returning this thing =).


Going to get 3 more AF120 fans to replace the stock fans, and also some better matching psu cables since this hx1000 is getting old (but still working perfecetly). Didn't have time to do any cable management yet, but after a little more work, I think this baby will turn out looking sexy.


Current specs:


Corsair c70 Arctic White

Corsair hx1000 psu

Corsair Dominator GT 6gb 3x2gb DDR3 2000mhz (CMT6GX3M3A2000C8) /w fan

Corsair Airflow Pro memory LED's

Corsair h100 w/ AF120 120mm fans

2x Corsair Force GT Sata 3 120gb SSD (RAID 0)

******** 750 64mb Cache Sata 6gb/s Backup Drive

Evga GTX 590 classified 3GB DDR5 dual gpu vid card

EVGA p67 FTW LGA1155 Motherboard /w EVgauge

Intel SB 2700k @ 4ghz (easily goes to 5ghz)



BenQ XL2410t 120hz LED 0ms monitor

Corsair k90 mechanical keyboard

Bose Companion 5 series usb speakers

Creative Soundblaster X-fi HD usb sound card

Sennheiser HD 380 pro

Razer Mamba 2012 mouse

Razer Goliathus Extended (speed)

Nvidia 3D vision kit


Enjoy the pics !













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Now that came out real nice!


I also still use the HX1000W PSU, it has no problem driving my SLI'd GTX 580 cards and an i7-920 OC'd to 3.8GHz 24/7.


Looks like you have a lot more room in that case than I do in my old Scout - which I am looking to replace soon.


That EVGA mobo with the EVguage looks really good in there - especially with that window.


Thanks for showing us just how great the C70 is in white!


Be sure to post more when you've finished adding the other fans...

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