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H60 fan mount Screws?


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Hi, where could i order extra screws for my H60, so i can dual mount my fans??


Do corsair ship them or am i suppose to buy them off ebay?


I live in Australia. Does anybody know what kind of screws i have to buy to make it compatible with the H60??

thank you

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You can also try your local Radio Control Airplane hobby shops - that's where I got mine. Du-Bro and Great Planes both sell small packages of them.






You can use this page to find an Australian vendor close by:




It lists NSW Australia and Vic Australia and I don't know which is closer to you.


I used those Dubro ones for mounting push/pull fans on my H60.

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In Canada, you can buy them at Lowes. They have the Robertson (square screwdriver) heads which I think are better than Phillips anyway. Go to Lowes.ca and search for 6-32 machine screws. A pack of 10 will cost you about $3 including tax. They have the 1.25 inch length, they are UNC (coarse) thread, SAE. Remember to get some flat washers if you don't have any that size.
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