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Voyager 3.0 32 GB


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I bought a Corsair Voyager 3.0 32GB USB flash drive last November from a local IT retailer. I am using Windows XP. It worked perfectly until I tried to use it in a Mac computer, whereupon it no longer shows as a Corsair Voyager 3.0 32 GB flashdrive, it shows as a Innostor NAND Flash USB Device and as a "Removable disk" and will not allow me to access the files contained on the drive. When its removed and plugged it again, a message states: "Please insert a disk into removable disk (G:)" and nothing else.


I need to replace the drive, and I am anxious to recover the files contained on this one.

Does Corsair have a utility that I can download to recover these files from the flash drive onto my computer? And how do I obtain a replacement from Corsair, as this drive is only 7 months old?

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