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Force 3 240 5.02 Speeds


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I have a Corsair Force 3 240 SSD as my Vista drive.


When I first got the SSD (4 days ago) I got between 200-220 W/R speeds.

Now it wont do any better than 110-130. In fact I'm getting better write speeds on my Raid 0 array!


I have already tried doing a internal secure erase using pmagic and restore using acronis.


Why might my speeds have dropped by half?





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Tried that.....got to be the drivers....works great on my p5b-deluxe.


It's not just the drivers. The Nvidia chipset does not support, or does not properly/fully support AHCI. As I have already noted, the behavior you are seeing is typical. That chipset is several years old and I double there will be a fix for it.

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What I can't figure out is why I got good speeds when I first installed the Force 3 and just after cloning my OS drive to it???


Anyway I just swapped out MB's. Now I'm using a ASUS 95b Deluxe I had in another system. I can't get as high a overclock as I got with the 780 but the difference is only 400MHz. I can live with that.


I'm just going to have to upgrade to a i7 system I guess.

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