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Force 3 120 GB - POST Failure

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I’m pretty sure this just needs to be returned but thought it best to ask first in case I missed something.


I purchased the 120GB Force 3 SSD in October, it has been running my windows install since with no problems.


I returned home from work yesterday evening and after turning the PC on it was sticking in POST when trying to locate the SSD/HDD's.


After disconnecting all SSD/HDD's I tried them individually and both HDD's POST'd fine but when the SSD was plugged in it failed to POST.


I got 2 SATA 6 gbs cables with the MB so I switched to the new unused one and also connected it to a Power cable that was connected to a working HDD's and it still failed to POST.


I am currently installing Windows onto the HDD for now (amazing how much slower they are how did we ever manage).


I’m pretty sure it’s a hard ware fault with the SSD and I’m unsure if there are any other steps I can take apart from a return. Nothing unusuall occurred on my previous boots prior to the finding it dead yesterday evening 


Any help advice would be appreciated

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SSD was unrecognised on a friends machine, I have spoken to Amazon and they sent out a replacement on next day delivery and I have 30 days to return my broken one, First PC component I have needed to return to amazon and Im impressed with the service.


Thanks for your help, the new one came and is working perfect, some of the other issues (I was putting down to software) have been resolved too, think i may use scandisk a little more when diagnosing software issues in future...

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