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Submitted RMA request, but told i havent entered all info?


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Hi there, i bought a Corsair H80 cooler from Amazon UK


The problem that i am having is that the molex cable is loose and will not hold a stable connection, which is not suitable for maintaining power to the H80.


The other problem that i am having is that one of the nuts to hold the cooler to the stand offs is missing, so i cannot actually fasten the cooler down.



Do you think i am better doing:


**replace the whole unit due to both of these problems



**Get the molex cable fixed at the local computer store, and source a similar nut to use



I have submitted an RMA request. When i rang them up they told me i havent entered all the information required, so i have gone back and re-entered the information missing from the same request.



Could you tell me if the infomation has been processed correctly and what they can do for me.


case#: 4741792




I await your replys.


Kind Regards





Can anyone help me with this issue?


Also if i get the molex cable repaired at the local PC store, will that void my warranty?



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