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H80 fans running high rpm


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I just got my H80 last night and installed in my new build. On my first boot, the fans were nice and quiet. I checked out the BIOS to make sure everything was reading properly and after rebooting, the fans are stuck in a high rpm state.


I tried the reset (hold profile button in and wait for blinking) and it caused the push fan to completely stop and the pull fan was running smooth and quiet. After attempting to reset a few more times, they are just stuck in the high rpm state.


What I find odd is in the BIOS, the CPU Fan is running 2158 rpm, but my Chassis 3 fan (original rear exhaust fan on my Carbide 500r that I have mounted to the top) reads 600 rpm and jumps to 5100+ and back down. Does this sound like a defective fan controller on the cooler?



Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobo

Intel i5 3570k CPU

Corsair AX850 PSU

Corsair Carbide 500r case

Asus 560 Fermi GPU

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The CPU fan reading is actually the pump's rpm's and not a fan. That is normal. However the fans being stuck on high is not.


I would return it to your reseller or use the link on the left to request an RMA.


I setup an RMA through the site. Hopefully I hear back soon and I'm really hoping that I don't have to pay the return shipping. Newegg wants $14 to ship it back and it just feels like getting robbed when you've dumped over 1k in a new system and have trouble on day 1 with a part :[pouts:

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Your best bet is to call CS on the phone on monday and explain to them that the unit is only a day old. They may be able to help with shipping, but you'll need to talk to them.


Otherwise it's a standard RMA procedure. You pay shipping to Corsair and they pay the return shipping.


They have identified an issue with the H series coolers and are in the process of a fix. So you may want to see if they are shipping the "fixed" units yet.

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