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H80 in a Lian Li A04B


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Does anyone have any idea if this would fit in the case with both fans?

I already know for sure it will not fit on the top panel fan, due to mobo clearance.

I have a couple ideas for mounting this and if any of them have been done before I'll gladly do them.


A) Mount the H80 on the bottom fan port sideways with both fans and rad inside the case. The only problem here I think is that the tubing might not be long enough to get up to the processor.


B) Mount it sideways on the top port, with everything inside case again. I won't have any problems with gfx card clearance, but I would have to dremel out the SSD port on the bottom of the 5.25 bay.


C) A but with one fan outside the case and the rad and the other fan inside the case. There is enough room in the front panel to fit this. The only downside here is losing the dust filter, and possible acoustical change, not sure how that would go. Still sideways.


D) B but with a fan outside the case. Will still have to dremel out the base of the 5.25 to fit it. Still sideways as well.


Anyone know if any of these will work? Has anyone managed another way with their A04 and an H80?

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