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K90 + Flickering Led


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Hey all, just upgraded my system and got it all set up running fine. To my despair I looked at my keyboard to admire its looks once again, only to find that the led for the "right click function" (between windows key and right ctrl, dont know what its official term is :D ) is flickering. It had been working fine in this new set up for around 24 hours, and worked fine for around a month on my older set up.


So I began to panic, as you do, and gave it a good blow. No change.

I pressed it a few times incase something was loose. No change.

Then i changed it to different USB ports trying both 2.0 and 3.0. No change.

I then changed the advanced USB power settings via windows. No change.

Tried altering the light % via hardware AND software. No change.


Sometimes over the last hour it flickers vigorously, sometimes id have to look close for the slight flicker of dimming.


Is this a sign of the led dying?

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Ok so the led has got worse to the point its irritating me. In some cases its completely turned itself off for a minute or 2, and then back to flickering.


I lost patience waiting for some help/advice and have requested an exchange for a new one with Amazon UK from which I originally purchased it from. Now I have to apparently wait a month to get the replacement? I looked around and Aria.co.uk has the product as DISCONTINUED, even ebuyer.com doesn't stock this anymore


What the hell? I thought this was new?


My PC is 80% corsair cause I love what you guys make, but since enduring the horrifics that was the Force 3 SSD's that's probably best forgotten, having to replace the faulty M90 due to being manufactured incorrectly, and now this? Im seriously starting to doubt your quality control.

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So I have a choice, wait a month for new stock to come into the UK, or pay even more money to have my keyboard RMA'd by Corsair?


I think I'd rather wait, however is it even guaranteed there will be new stock sent to the UK for all retailers? Will it be a revised keyboard? Will I have to throw money away for the next 2 years every-time the LEDS die?


I hope to god Corsair aren't currently rushing production to get the K90's back out there :/


For anyone having the same issue as myself, I have tried to analyses whats happening with the keyboard. When I start the PC in the morning or when ever its been off for 5 or so hours, the LED is actually fine. Infact they are all fine and its a wonderful product again. But the longer the keyboard stays in/on, the worse that particular LED gets, to the point it cuts off. I immediately reconnect the keyboard, and i'm back to major flickering and then an hour later it dies.


Before anyone suggests trying on a different computer, I have. It does the exact same thing on my laptop.

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I would suggest getting the key board replaced; weather that is with the reseller or with us should not matter it is a rare problem that while I have seen it happen it is not common.
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