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Weird beep code


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When i first start my machine up it gives a longer beep than POST pauses for about 2-3 seconds beeps again and the keeps repeating, if i then clear the CMOS and put my BIOS settings back to how they were, it saves the settings and then reboots and will work fine, when i then shutdown and restart the machine i get the beeps again, could this be a memory problem? My Power Supply is a Tagan 480watt is and is brand new these are my voltages, whilst running Doom 3 in a window vcore - 1.6 vcc - 2.67 vio - 3.34 +5v - 5.08 +12v - 12.17 -12v - -12.77 -5v - -5.19 Vsb - 4.92 Vbat - 3.58 My system is NF7-s V2.0 1GB Corsair 3200 XMS (DIMM 1 + 3) 9800AIW @ 9800 Pro 2100Tbred @ 2127 Maxtor 40GB IDE1 Master DVD IDE2 Slave Anyone have any ideas? Its kinda getting to be a pain having to reset the CMOS everytime.....thanks!
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