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550D+H60 airflow


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Hi there,


I am eagerly expecting my 550D for my new system which is to arrive during next week.

I am planning to get an H60 to cool my CPU. The only thing I am not sure about are the case fans. I want to replace the two front stock fans with 2 Noctua fans, but am uncertain about which I should choose. The obvious solution would probably be to go for the NF-S12B FLX since they are meant as case fans, but since i want the case as quiet as can be I do not want to remove the front panel. For that I thought it may be better to go for the NF-P12 PWM, due to their high static pressure.

I thought to mount the H60 on the rear with a NF-F12 PWM as an exhaust fan.

My concerns are that with this setup the case temperature will be too hot. So I thought installing a second exhaust fan on the top of the case to create a more neutral/negative airflow might be the best solution?


I'd be happy to hear some recommendations about what you think would be the best fan setup



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