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F80 issue


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I had a problem with computer and now wind 7 will not detect my F80. I formatted the f80 after the problem and I think that screwed something up with the firmware. What can I do to fix this problem? Tried the 2.0 machine but it will not detect the drive either.

Please help!!!


Well I got the update machine to detect the drive by doing what you said to other people: "rightclick and run as administrator".

When it detected the drive it said it has firmware 2.1a??? So if that is true why won't wind 7 detect it? and yes ahci is enabled on that drive.

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it is listed in disk manager but just reads as ntfs drive. It is only listed with wind 7 if I use another normal hdd for the main drive.

Even after the firmware update machine read it still would not update it. Gave some error message.

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