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H100 Questions (for lga2011)


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Hey guys,

I have a few quick questions about the h100. I ordered one for a new build that will use the Asus Rampage IV Extreme.

I purchased 4 Cougar V12HP's to use with the radiator. Does the h100 come with only 8 screws for mounting fans to the radiator (since the kit only includes 2 fans) or 16? If 8 can you use 2 in diagonal for each fan and if so any drawbacks over time? If I want to purchase additional screws would it be #6-32 1.25?


Second question on the screws for the lga2011. The shorter side is screwed into the board and the longer side face up for the bracket / thumbscrews correct?


** Should be lga2011, sorry for the typo

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The H100 only comes with 8x Long screws. Yes you can use 2 screws diagonal for each fan.


2. The LGA2011 screws on to the CPU holder, Which would have the shorter bottom, The screw that hold the block down is the thumbscrews.


How to install a H100 on a LGA2011 Motherboard

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