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Since 05/05/2012 I'm waiting information about my RMA (an I/O panel for Obsidian 550D). I bought this case in mid april and the front USB don't work for two months now... How could I obtain any information about my RMA ? Need front USB...


Thanks a lot.

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Unfortunately we do not have an official guide, but its pretty straight forward.

1. remove the front door.

2. remove the 2 rubber feet underneath the front of the case, they are held in place by three screws each.

3. The front panel is held in place by 6 pressure clips, so starting from the bottom pull the front panel away from the case and it should come off with a little bit of force.

4. The front I/O panel is held in place by 2 screws on the left and right, remove these and the i/o panel should be easily removed.


Then just reverse the procedure to instal the new one.

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