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New to the K90 keyboard


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hi, there


I have just recently purchase a new k90 keyboard, so i am still a bit new to it.


I just wanted to ask, for some reason i am unable to update my software from 1.01 to the latest one? when ever i try to update it, it always says plug in fail and then my keyboard disconnects and i am unable to use it until i pull the usb out and put it back in.


And also i am really new to the whole marco- assign key thing and i have looked everywhere for some guild to show me how to actually make one but none of them are useful and i was hoping you would be able to help me here.


eg i would like to assign G1 to imput my pw when i press it or open up facebook when i press it. How do i do that exactly?


thank you for your time

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Hello welcome to the forum.


Have you followed the instructions on the first page of the following thread to update your firmware?:



Here is the FAQ: http://www.corsair.com/us/support/faq/vengeance-gaming/


To program Macro keys:


1. Open the Vengeance Gaming Software and make sure you have selected the Keyboard icon at the top right of the software.


2. Press the Macro Record (MR) button at the top of the software or the hardware "MR" key on the keyboard, to begin recording your macro, while the macro is recording the button will blink.


3. Choose the button you would like to program by clicking on either the software "G key" or by pressing the actual hardware G Key on the keyboard.


4. Every button press will now be recorded until you click the Macro Record (MR) button once more to end recording.


5. Once the Macro is recorded you can edit the macro by right clicking on any of the key presses that you have recorded, and selecting from the available options.



The following is done using the Beta 2.12 software- updates might chage this sequence:


You can also use the Corsair software to enter and tweak your macros.

For instance if you wish to Launch a program like a calculator, paint program etc. do the following:


Launch the Corsair program

Click Advanced Options Button

Click in the Advanced Commands Box

Scroll down to Launch Program and select it

Now press the + sign to the right of the box

Select your program you want to launch


To permanently save your program settings to the Keyboard:

Click top Manage Profiles and then at bottom click Save to K90


You can rename the save profiles and add additional profiles etc.


Hopefully proper documentation for the end user will be released with the new software update scheduled for the end of June 2012.

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