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Had to return my 4th pair of Vengeance 1500s!

Foolish Mortal

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I am a loyal Corsair customer and want to love their new headsets, but so far I have had nothing but trouble with these.


1st: Mic completely died. They also had a high pitch whine when the mic was active before it croaked.


2nd: Horrible buzzing and crackling anytime volume went above 50% in both R&L cans.


3rd: Horrible buzzing and crackling anytime volume went above 20% in R can. People reported mic cutting in and out too.


4th. Minor buzzing in R can but I decided to keep because I'm tired of returning these things.


THEN the 4th pair stopped being recognized by any USB port after about 72hours of use. I tried all the USB ports on my box and 2 other computers. No conflicts, multiple clean reinstalls...nothing. So I had to return these too.


The guy I talked to at Fry's Electronics where I purchased these said they are getting about 1/2 of the Vengeance 1500s returned. They had lots of returned 1300s and 2000s as well.


I baby these things. They never leave the desk, never touch the floor, get handled like they are made of glass and I literally store them on a pillow on my desk. I know I can't be breaking these things.


I don't want to sound overly grouchy about this. I love Corsair and a lot of their products, but the Vengeance headsets are NOT CORSAIR QUALITY.

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I usually say that bad luck happens sometimes with products, but I've been hearing bad things. I hear they are amazing when they work though.


My HS1s are RMA'd and I'm waiting for a replacement. I was hoping that for the new 1500s, they would have fixed a lot of the problems. I would assume it's a manufacturing process problem. I really hope my 1500s work when they come in.


Isn't it costing Corsair more to replace all of these than it is to just hold back for a while and figure out the problem?

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that you have had trouble with these headsets but what was your last RMA# with us and I will be happy to have our customer service contact you?

And the 2000's just came out so I don't think that is true. And the return rate is still quite low for all of our head sets.

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