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Corsair Link Dashboard questions


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Just hooked it up and it is reporting and controlling everything accurately. Perhaps this is because I use mostly Corsair products.


Now for my questions:


1. From what I read there is no option to automatically start the Dashboard when Windows starts up. As others do I placed the CL executable in my Startup Folder. It starts fine and executes my profile but what I really want is to have it start and placed in my tray. I don't want it on my taskbar. Is there a command line parameter that will do this perhaps?


2. How are the different colors determined? My 3 fan speeds are somehow grouped with one of three temp sensors I use. The colors are all orange in this instance Why did the Dashboard make this temp sensor orange therefore grouping it with my fans? Why not choose the other two fans? It really doesn't make sense to even have any of my sensors grouped with my fans and I can't get rid of it in the grouping.


I run the latest Dashboard and my Firmware is current.

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If you guys can both give me the exact directions on how to make the software start-up and show in tray, this all would be really appreciative as I would love to have it do all that.


have you tryed putting the program in your start up folder?

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