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Cooler Master Fans on H100


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I have a P/P setup with my H100 with Cooler Master R4-L2R-20AC-GP (A12025-20RB-3BN-F1). They are rated at 0.37A. I turn on my computer, the fans are at full speed, and then they rev down as expected. This is where it gets odd. Each fan do not seem to be running at the same speed. Some turn off, turn back on, rev up, rev down, and everything else. I also noticed that the center of the fans are hot to touch. Should I use these fans with the H100? Is my H100 fan controller faulty? Im on a 650D case. The case fan controller cant handle my fans even though its rated at 5A. All my 5.25" bays are used up as well.
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