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H60 Fan at 100%


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I've spent the past two days trying to isolate and fix this issue, but I'm not having any luck. Yesterday I had a machine setup with all "silent" parts but the machine sounds like an AC unit.


After trying to track down what the problem was, it came down to the fan on the H60 running at 100%. I have tired adjusting it in the bios with no luck.


System Info:

Asus Rampage IV Extreme

with H60 cpu cooling.


The fan is plugged in to the 4 pin "CPU FAN" plug on the motherboard, and the pump is connected to the 4 pin "CPU OPT" plug.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Fans are 3 wire, and they can't be controlled with some motherboards that have 4 wire sockets. (1 wire is for power width modulation, which is a newer standard for fans).


So plug fans into the pump if you can, or buy new fans.

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Thanks for the response. I will try moving the pump.


Regarding the bios, it gives you a few different profile options (Turbo, Silent, User, etc). I've tried them all with no change.


The motherboard also comes with a Windows application that allows you to adjust these settings. However, when you run the test that should be "calibrate" your fans, it just see the fans at near identical speeds.


See picture.


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