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Where to plug my power supply to


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Right now my tx650 v2 is connected directly to the wall, but I've been wandering if that is the safest way to have it plugged.

Should I use an UPS or a line filter of some sort? If so, what would be the recommended specs, or, if possible, a recommended one I can buy to use?


Sorry, but I've been reading to try and understand all this, but it just got me even more confused.

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the pSu has active protection against line spikes and surges. You do not NEED to have it plugged in to anything really. A powerstrip with circuit breaker protection is also a good idea.


However if you decide to use a UPS, make sure to use one that is a "Pure sine wave" UPS. That is what Corsair recomends with their PSU's.


Basically it's up to you, and what you want!

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