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drive tray clip snapped off - 600T


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Sorry for posting here but for some reason I was unable to start a thread, this seems the most relevant thread.


Many years ago I bought a set of Mission speakers; two years later I accidently damaged one of the speaker cones and needed to replace it. I contacted Mission and they not only replaced the damaged speaker cone but also sent a spare so I could replace the other speaker cone in order to keep a perfect balance, all this was free of charge and without question, this is my promotion when conversation allows.


Recently I bought a Corsair 600T, Due to what I can only assume is a manufacturing flaw one of the drive tray clips snapped off as I tried to remove it, I used the same care removing it as the others but this one snapped. I also damaged an optical drive bay cover which I was prepared to pay for. I have contacted Corsair to ask for replacements, first they replied by saying they would replace the parts and could I provide a postal address.


I supplied my address but now they have it it seems they are not so eager to send me the replacement, now they want me to send the damaged parts before they will consider replacing them. This will be my promotion whenever PC components become part of my conversation.

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Hi & Thanks, This was the last communication, could you tell me if the items have been dispatched?


Please do not reply directly to this e-mail as this address is not monitored.


Dear Valued Customer,


Your RMA request was received on 6/1/2012 2:36:59 AM.


We will review this request as soon as possible, and respond to you with an RMA number or further suggestions/requests.


Thank You!

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I really dont know what to say, after at least 5 e-mails explaining my requirements, just for the record ( x1 drive bay cover and x1 drive tray) This is where we are after a month of communications, do these guys sit around all day making daisychains.


Dear Jonny,


RMA number 4666862 has now been shipped by UPS Express Saver. Your UPS tracking number is 000000000000. Our records show the following information on the return:


RMA number: 4666862

Corsair Product: CC600T-BAYCOVER

Quantity Returned: 1


Please contact our customer service department immediately (customerservice@corsair.com, 1-888-222-4346, or 1-510-657-8747) if you have any problems. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.Sincerely,


Corsair Returns Department


Thank You!

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