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Corsair HS1 problem


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Hi, my name is nicolas and im from argentina... the problem is this: I have been using my headset during 4 months, the cables are ok, the mic works perfect...


But to day, i was talking with one of my friends via teamspeak 3, and when he was talking i notice that i could only hear from one side (Right side), so... i kept talking because i tought it was lag or something, then i wanted to listen some music, and i realise that the left side of the headset was not working, only the mic worked.


I tried to connect the usb in other port, uninstall the v1.1 drivers, wich i was already using and donwload it again, and nothing worked out :(


So, if you guys can give me a solution i would be very happy :/


I repeat... the headset has only four months of perfect care and every day work... very disapointed :/


P.S: Sorry for my bad english.

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