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2nd SSD causing Boot manager missing

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I have trawled the internet looking for a solution to my issue, I thought I might post here before I write my SSD off as dead.


It is not the boot drive, I am actually using another SSD for that. The nova only had Steam and a few other games on it and nothing from the OS as far as I know (I did not put anything there).


I have had my Corsair Nova for 20 months withn o complaints at all. It has had a pretty easy life, SSDLife Pro said it was good until 2020!


This morning booted up as normal but got the message "Boot manager missing". A day system hardware testing, power cables, SATA cables etc has lead me to the conclusion that only one piece of hardware is causing the problem, my Nova 128GB SSD is the root cause.


I have tried both using the windows disk to fix the start-up and using the command bootrec.exe. Neither have yielded a solution and tell me my system is fine.


So currently I have my system running fine with my two other SSDs but the Nova unplugged and sitting here on my desk. Fully connect it and the "Boot Manager Missing" appears. Even stranger is that my Bios then tells me no other hard drives are connected even though when I then disconnect the Nova my PC boots as normal!


My next option I guess is to re-install the OS, does anyone have any advice on the best order to connect drives for this? Boot SSD then once installed then the Nova?


If that fails or I am instructed otherwise, is the Nova then a write off or could I get a cheap repair done on it or buy a new SSD?


Apologies for the long wordy post as its quite a weird and complex issue that is hard to communicate clearly, I apologies if I have failed to do this, please feel free to ask any questions.

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Tried all I can with the boot order, connecting the nova SSD makes all other drives disappear!


I have tried all the SSDs in all sata ports, tried all different cables, tried all different power connections from my PSU.


It looks like its just something to do with the SSD, I was wondering if anyone had any idea why a non Boot SSD would affect a boot and if its come up before with corsair SSDs.


I just dont want to have to reinstall or buy a new one unless necessary.


Hopefully a fresh OS install on the other SSD will make this one work again.

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Try it on another computer and see if it causes the other drives to disappear.


Good idea, I tried it and it does not cause other drives to dissapear BUT I still cannot find it in the BIOS or by hotplugging.


I guess I have to do the thing I hate and admit defeat. I wrote off to the store and they have issued a returns number for me.


Thanks again for trying, I love fixing stuff and I hate returning things... but I also dislike not getting my moneys worth ;)

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