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TX650W Power loss


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Hello everybody!


Recently I have been having a problem with my computer and I think it's being caused by my power supply (a Corsair TX650W).


A little over a month ago my power supply died and my computer wouldn't turn on. I did an RMA and received a new TX650W (my current one) and after installation my computer turned on and worked fine. The only problem is that now there is a high pitched electrical/squealing noise that wasn't there with my old one. I didn't mind it much because after about 15/20 minutes of my computer being on it goes away.


Now however I am having a much bigger problem. Starting a few days ago whenever I put my computer through any stressful activity, such as launching a resource intensive video game, it just instantly shuts off. I have also experienced power loss when I was doing nothing more than browsing the internet. After the computer shuts off it keeps trying to turn on, but it loses power again almost instantly after it starts.


If I leave it alone for a while (say an hour or so) and try to turn it back on it works; but only if I have left it alone for a while. If I try to turn it back on after power loss it keeps failing. I took a video showing what it is like trying to turn on my computer after it loses power: http://youtu.be/Ary2R_7W6BY.


I'm not exactly sure what to do here. I considered the possibility that maybe the TX650W isn't powerful enough for my computer, however the first one I had lasted 2 years before I had any problems with it :/ It's also possible that I got a defective power supply from my RMA or that some other component of my computer has caused the past two power supplies to fail.


I figured I would ask before sending another RMA. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!

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You should have more than enough power for that configuration. I would contact our customer service on Tuesday after 8:AM Pacific Time with your previous RMA# and we can try and replace it again at our expense since this is a new unit you just got back.
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