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Tx750 Not functioning.. help


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Hi guys!


I have build a new machine about a month ago, and it worked successfully.


I have been playing on it heavily and it worked perfectly!


Until today.. I tried turning on my pc, and it won't. The Motherboard was showing lights though.


so i was troubleshooting taking everything off, still not working.



í borrowed my brothers PSU and guess what, it worked.


What bothers me is that it is brand new, all has been build according to the cooling rules made for good airflow, WHICH IT HAD. having thermal radar the whole month measuring the temperature and it all was around 20-35 Celsius.


While playing diablo 3 yesterday, it suddenly turned off. I turned it on again and double checked everything and it looked fine.


i haven't even thrown the box out yet! (lazy) and it is failing me.. please help.

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