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where to mount corsair h100 in 500r


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Hey i need to know where the best place is to mount the h100 in my case i mounted it yesterday, right now temps look ok but i need to know if i have placed it corectly



i got two fans connected but i could not screw them in with 4 screws because 2 screw holes were taken by the mounting of the h100.


here you can see some pictures;)


here can you see the fans


here can you see the radiator


and last i wanted to ask if the cable from the rad to h100 water block is to flexed picture:


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but how can use all 8 screws to the 2 fans, 4 screw holes were used to mount the radiator


I don't understand this. My H100 is mounted in my 500R like yours. My screws went through the fans and into the H100 radiator. There were not separate screws for mounting the fans and mounting the radiator. So eight screws through the fans and into the radiator. I used the stock fans which yours obviously are not so I do not know how that impacts the situation.

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