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Corsair speakers SP212 are the worst purchase ever!


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Hi All.


I bought a set of these speakers December 2011 and there was a problem with them! a huge problem! The left speaker and bass speaker kept pumping out loads of loud static!


So what do I do? I sign out an RMA and post the god damn speakers to Europe, at a cost of £45!!!!!!! The speakers cost me £57!!!!!!!


So, I receive the speakers back, and guess what!? They are not fixed!! And more to the point, they are worse then before!!!!!!! So I fill out another RMA and realise that I will need to pay for postage again!!!!! WTF!!!!!! another god damn £45!!! At least, because I know that the postage has gone up recently!!!!


What can I do? and what are my rights as a customer!!! Since I cant speak to anyone at Corsair.... is there any other governing bodies that regulate this kind of behaviour that I can contact!


Yours sincerely, one p***** off guy!!

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Hi Peanutz, thank you for your reply. I have skype installed but cant seem to find any information on here on who to call. Do you know the skype name by any chance?


RAM GUY - I have tried several computers. The speakers also pump out static when unplugged from the computer too.

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