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Problem with checking RMA status online

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Case #4653954


I shipped my headset last Friday, and was told it should get there either Monday or Tuesday, so I went on today to check to see if it had arrived.


It attempting to check, I went to the technical support page and clicked on the 'RMA Status' tab, only to be redirected back to the support page. Note, hovering over the 'RMA Status' tab shows that it should be directed to a different page, as shown below.




When I input my case number and password into the RMA status boxes on the Technical support page, it opens up the page I initially filled out to get assistance with my problem, with the information I submitted still in the boxes.




I'm hesitant to click through on this to see what lies beyond, as I don't want to open up another ticket if it's not necessary, so I'm wondering if this happening means there is either just a problem with the webpage, if my RMA just hasn't yet been updated yet, and if there is a better way to get information about the status of my RMA.


Thanks. :)

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