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no AHCI option in BIOS?


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I have a Dell 540 Studio, with the latest BIOS, running Win7 (32 bit)


I just bought a Corsair Force3 120gb SSD to use as a primary drive together with data storage on the existing SATA HDD (WD 640gb 7200rpm).


My motherboard has no AHCI option in the BIOS. (only IDE & RAID)


The Dell website indicated the Bios option should be set to RAID if there is no AHCI – it seems to indicated AHCI is an option within the RAID setting.

I also enabled AHCI through the Win7 settings through the registry change.

Does this RAID setting slow down the SSD, or it is required for optimal performance or both my SSD & my existing 640gb drive?

Have I done the right thing, or do I need to alter settings or download additional drivers?

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Do a screen shot of a benchmark from ATTO or AS SSD. This is free testing software.


If it shows read and writes near 550 MB/s then it is working fine.


I have the same problem with HP DC7600.. there is no AHCI option in the BIOS, but apparently the Intel chipset controller on the motherboard can do it if set up in the os...not sure what to do for my case. It is on another thread.

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