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P256 suddenly isn't recognized as SSD in Windows


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Hi, I've been using my P256 quite long already (about two years) but suddenly I have this situation, where my SSD isn't recognized by Windows 7 and programs like SSDLife or PerfectDisk, as a proper SSD. The strangest thing is that some time ago it was recognized (and Windows wasn't reinstalled) as SSDLife worked and PerfectDisk automatically gave my drive SSD icon. Now TRIM is still ON (but I don't know if the drive does anything even when it gets TRIM command). Write performance is crawling (in AS SSD I'm getting 50-60MB/s in sequential writes).

Is there any setting in Windows registry to make it recognize my SSD properly?

I don't want to reinstall Windows. It's last thing I would do.



OK, I've solved it. It was incompatible driver from Intel RSTe package (I wanted better performance and that's how I ended :P )

I've installed and I'm all good now.

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