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600T Issues


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I ordered a Corsair 600T Black from a UK site last week. The case arrived and upon inspection, noticed a few problems. I was initially going to contact the retailer, however the red piece of paper inside the case made it clear to contact Corsair direct... So here I am.


The locking/spring mechanism on the right hand lock on the left side panel is faulty. It does not spring back into place, it has to be pushed back. The others are fine.


The second issue is the fan controller dial. It is very sticky when passing half way. It makes a gritty sound like it's rubbing off some other interals and it's not smooth like it should be all the way around.


Obviously if this was on a £30 case, you wouldn't mind so much. It is however a premium product and a lot of money and you expect these things to work flawlessly.


I contacted support via email originally and still haven't received a reply, hence me turning to the forum. I can't call as I'm in the UK.


Not sure what you suggest or where I go from here. I received delivery of the case less than a week ago. Receipts etc can all be provided.


I have uploaded the videos for you to see what I'm referring too. Excuse the poor quality. iPad videos aren't great in low light.


I'd just like to add. I have been buying Corsair products for many many years and never had an issue with any of them, this includes PSU's and RAM mostly. This just goes to show what good products they are and I've heard nothing but praise for the customer support, luckily until now I've never had to deal with support. Hopefully this wont cause too many issues for myself.


You can hear in the video of the dial that it's very gritty and sticky. The video doesn't do it justice to be honest as it's quite quiet.





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Hi Buchanan,


Side panel... If you remove it, and then try to operate the latch that isn't locking back into place when installed; Is the latch sliding up and down freely and is the spring, etc, all intact?


If the spring has gone, then obviously you'll need to discuss a replacement part/side panel with Corsair.


Otherwise, sometimes those catches can stick a little. Have you tried adding extra pressure to the area around the catch, as it may then just pop up into place as intended. Otherwise, a little carefully applied WD-40, Vaseline, your lube of choice lol, may get the job done too :).


As for the slight grind on the fan controller. Something is definitely chaffing or catching under there isn't it :(!!


The front panel on the 600T is easily removable however, googling it will give you several sites to view instructions. Before you go down the road of putting in for return or replacement etc, you could try removing the front panel, and having a look from the inside as to precisely what that fan controller is chaffing/catching on.


All I can do is speculate whilst offering advise based on experiences with my 600T, which have all been positive I might add, with the exception of a questionable 200mm fan that Corsair replaced instantly without any fuss at all :).


It could just be a case of a cable that has been poorly routed, which if moved aside solves the issue. The fan controller dial will have "stops" on its underside obviously, to stop it being dialled past min and max settings. It sounds like the grinding/chaffing noise happens when you are about "mid dial"!!!???!!!??? I'm wondering if it is one of these stops that is catching under there.


Have a look around and see if you can fix these issues easily by yourself. If not, hit the "Request an RMA link" from Corsair, <-------- over there to the left at the bottom and discuss your case with them :).


The good news is side panels are easily replaced, as is the front panel. If Corsair deem your product as faulty, hopefully they can send out the replacement parts without you having to incur the U.K. shipping costs of RMA'ing a very large and very heavy 600T :).

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I stripped it all down today to attempt to solve these issues myself. Fan controller is free from anything in its way. It's just a dodgy one, nothing I can do to repair it.


The catch on the side is strange. Tried Vaseline to no avail. I removed it from the panel and it operates fine when not in the panel, however once installed becomes very sticky.


A new side panel and top panel are in order I think. So do I need to file an RMA or will RAMGUY be along to help?

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Begin the RMA procedure, keep your case number, post back for RAM Guy's attn if you need further help :).


Filed an RMA, never bothered with a note of the case number... presumed it would have been emailed to me.


I also sent a PM to RAMGUY. I've heard so many great things about Corsair CS... hopefully it wont let me down when I need it.

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I am pleading with you man! Please help me out here!!!


After what feels like an eternity, I received the fan controller this morning. It is also faulty! I cannot quite believe this. After well over a month of trying to get in touch and get a replacement, another faulty item arrives. I feel like it's one big joke.


Not to mention, the actual part that was faulty, which was the cap on the controller that was rubbing and causing friction wasn't even supplied.


To top it all off. I haven't received my side panel either, as this was also faulty. They seem to have just ignored me. I keep writing to customer support and I wait for days and days for a reply. Why does everyone keep ignoring me???


I was told my part would be shipped last month, they then got in touch and told me sorry, it's delayed.... then delayed again! I've waited so long to build my £1500 PC, which consists of entirely Corsair products and they are still in their boxes. I pray these are not faulty. I have £200 worth of Corsair RAM, an H80, 600T, AX750W PSU. I have been a long time customer and fan of Corsair and buy a LOT of products for myself and my customers.


This however has totally changed my outlook.


Please help me here and don't leave me hanging for another month. I don't think I can take it!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I look forward to and await your reply.


Case #4675356

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Hi Buchanan,


We will resend you the replacement parts as soon as possible. We truly sorry for this inconvenience.


It's the black one... Will you also send the side panel?


I really feel this is unacceptable to wait over a month for this.

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I am having problems with the same case Fans Controler as well, it stopped working after 2 weeks. Plenty of people are having problems with this case. I logged an RMA; they advised first that they are going to send me a replacement and I don't have to return the faulty one, never received I emailed them like 10 times, I got a reply after 1 month they said that I have to return the faulty one. I am not returning anything and I am not ipmressed at all with the service and the delay, goodbye Corsair, I will buy a different brand .




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Originally Posted by Buchanan View Post

Filed an RMA, never bothered with a note of the case number... presumed it would have been emailed to me.




OOOOOOOOPPPPPPPS!!! Note down your case number in the future m8, as shown, it can save and avoid a lot of time, effort, and problems.


Now that RAM Guy has it, he can look into expediting your RMA for you and resolve your issue quickly :).


Hope you get your rig up and running soon with fully operational components, and good luck with it all :).



I am not returning anything and I am not ipmressed at all with the service and the delay, goodbye Corsair, I will buy a different brand .




Jamalnet.......I can understand you being royally peeved, and then some. However, I can personally assure you that Corsair's after sales service is one of the best available :).


Returning a faulty product before exchange is generally standard m8. Whilst there are sometimes exceptions in various forms, in Corsair's case, they even provide an advanced RMA procedure.


Why won't you return it??? How can they verify the fault if you refuse to return it for replacement?????


One can only wonder as to what that's all that about?????? It certainly seems that you're derailing your own train m8, then blaming Corsair when they ask to see the faulty product.


Such a rant isn't going to resolve anything either. If you had an issue with the manufacturer of another case, they too would ask you to return the product before exchange.


Why don't you post up your RMA case number, and ask RAM Guy nicely if he'll look into it for you???? Whilst he may not be able to bypass you returning the faulty product as originally requested, he can certainly try to help answer your questions as to what's going on and why.


Wouldn't you like to have this issue fixed??????

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Tech Support Express Case [4772500]


Email received from Corsair: Hello, please fill out the rest of your RMA and we will process the replacement for you free of charge. Please disregard the message that advises you to return your product. You will not be required to return anything. Thank you.


The computer is still running with the fan controller disconnected, but if I unplug the whole module to send it back I have to stay without computer.





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That's why Corsair offer an "advanced RMA" should you require it m8.


Looks like they've now sais you'll no longer need to return the product again though, yes :)???


Obviously it's now weekend, so don't expect RAM Guy to be back until Monday, or even Tuesday if you too have a public holiday this weekend as we do in the U.K..


He should be able to speed things up for you though :).

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