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Creatively using my H60

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Hey guys, I know this is my first post so take it easy on me. I'm a member over at OCN and found out a way to use my H60 to cool my graphics card. Once I figured this out, thanks to Dwood, I was 100% ready to make the leap.


So once i had received the part from him, i went after it. I know its not completely original or even close to the intended use, but I must say it is a GREAT thing!


Here are a few pictures of the build and the videos I did about them as well.


This is the block and the bracket that holds it on the card.





My PC After replacing my h60 with a h100





The process of putting it together








Here are the videos I did about the H60 and the H100

These are purely to show my appreciation to Corsair for making an amazing cooling solution for those of use who are scared to do full on water cooling!





My review of the h60



The video of the H100 and the H60

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