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XMP and Digi+ with P8Z77-V


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I am using 2 sticks of CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 at stock voltage 1.5

with a P8Z77-V Deluxe using the latest BIOS.


Not sure if this is an Asus or Corsair problem or just normal but I want to mention that in order for my RAM to run properly with XMP (Post all the time and pass prime blend test) I need to change some Digi+ settings:


DRAM Power Phase Control Optimized to Extreme.

DRAM Power Thermal Control from 110 to 120


Memtest+ passes with these Digi+ settings or not.

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Yup, it's all normal. When you overclock your memory you need to disable or change some voltage management settings to for them to run at rated speeds.


Not sure about the thermal Control though...never seen that one. So i would have to guess that is an ASUS issue.

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My guess is the power phase control extreme requirement means the XMP profile is really pushing my RAM to its limit for the 1.5v, for CPU that setting does not need to be adjusted unless you are going for a high OC IB 4.8+.


The thermal control I am unsure of what it does, if I had to guess I would say it allows the RAM or VRM to run hotter than factory spec.


Digi+ is for running things out of spec which is why I am finding it strange I need to tweak it to run my RAM at tested speeds, I know GTs are just golden versions of lower models so technically they are overclocked but it's XMP profile is for 2133 maybe XMP doesnt support Digi+. :confused:



Or maybe Extreme = stock on other boards.


I am now wondering if its okay for me to run these sticks at 1.65v seeing as though I need to enable extreme power control, I have fans directly above the RAM so heat isnt a problem, but with extreme on, its going to be like running the ram at 1.7 instead of 1.65v.

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Depending on your CPU the max frequency it will run at is 1600mhz for the Z77 boards. So when you run your memory at 21233mhz you are running out of spec for your CPU. Because the memory controller is in the CPU itself. IE the need to change your DIGI settings.


As long as your BIOS is reporting memory voltage at 1.5v then that is what they are running at. Enabling the DIGI setting just allows you to set the values higher if ned be.


If it is stable at 2133mhz at 1.5v i would just leave it alone and not run them at 1.65v.


XMP IS overclocking. It's overclocking the memory controller.

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Tweaktown got it to run at those timings at that voltage.


I upped the IMC to 1.1v even tried a bit higher I think, didnt make much difference, oddly Asus raises VCCSA when trying to OC the RAM.


I decided I wanna raise frequency not timings. 2400 was not happening @ 1.65, trying 2200 now, then I will figure out a lower voltage.

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12hour stable at


2400 10-12-11-32-2T @ 1.65v


Had to max out Digi+ to get 2400.


Currently working on timings then I am gonna try lower the voltage a bit.


This is much faster than 2133 in the AIDA benchmark.

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