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Reason why I love Corsair and choose their products

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Made two posts on this forum knowing that it can take up to 24 hours to get the RMA process started. None were complaining about the time but how I was impatient. Less than an hour later I received a message on my cellphone. It was an email from Corsair giving me my RMA# and all the other information I needed. I called the 800 number and was able to get an advanced replacement setup in less than five minutes.


THAT what I call A+ customer service.


I am now thinking about switching to their SSD's after having a bad experience with a competitor of theirs (one they blank out on our profile stats) and it took almost two weeks to receive my RMA ssd back. Guess what?! It was DOA. So back on the phone with them and they are basically saying it doesn't happen, ever. That it was my fault that I must have hooked something up wrong. What kind of power supply was I using and the like. Was made to submit my receipt AGAIN to verify that I bought it and all that.


Corsair asked me for model #, my name and address and a contact phone number. No 25 questions, just we are sorry and a replacement is on its way.


Another reason for choosing them is the quality of their products. Yes, everyone has failures but trust me, Corsair has top notch quality. I have gone through many psu's, memory sticks and hd's through the years yet I always choose Corsair first since switching to their ram sticks years ago. This was my first PSU failure from Corsair, but I have also used (and still have!) other versions of their PSU that are still running strong.

I have the PSU, case, memory so I may as well go SSD so I only need one case badge.


Not brown nosing Corsair and I do not expect anything from them. Just wanted to post my experience to those who are frustrated and letting you know that they work with you, not for you.

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