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M90 Buttons 10 and 11


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Hey i've been able to assign macros to each of the buttons other then buttons 10 and 11. Is it possible to remove the profile up and down macros and assign them to something else As my LED lights don't seem to be working when i save my profile and even though i'm only trying to use the first LED light all 6 are constantly lit up. Therefore to have 2 buttons that will only change the profile up and down (even though as all lights show i'm going to have to manually select them as i wont always remember what profile it was last using) are kind of pointless to me for now. Unless someone knows of a way to get the LED lights to work properly?


Also, the same as the DPI up(5) and DPI(6) down buttons is it possible to change the two DPI setting buttons? As i wont personally be changing between different DPI settings very often.


P.S. I've been able to figure out how to get the LED lights to work now, So now i just need to know about the 4 buttons that come with macros assigned already. Buttons 5,6,10 and 11.


Thanks in advance.

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