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cmp32gx3m4x1600c10 - Major Problems


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Hi all,


I am the happy owner of two 32GB kits from corsair.


They were installed into an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with 3960k CPU.


I was running at 64GB RAM with no issues for a short while (approx 1 month).


I am now getting serious issues trying to run all of my ram.


Problem is even worse as I cannot identify which stick belongs to which kit.


Here is the problem in pictures with four DIMMS installed into the red slots, as recommended by ASUS. With all 8 slots populated i see similar behaviour with 49GB RAM registered.


CPU-Z sees all the RAM, as does HWINFO. Windows and BIOS state differently.




















I have swapped the motherboard yesterday for a new one, same problem.


I have swapped the CPU this morning for a new one, same problem.


Any help or advice ?

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  • Corsair Employees

On the label of the modules there should be a lot code that is 8 or 9 digits and will likely start with 12XXXXXX the set of four modules will all have the same lot.

If by chance they are all the same lot try to match them by SN# which will be close to the lot code in location and usually 4-6 numbers, they way not be in sequence but will usually be close. Then once you have them divided into two sets install one set and go to BIOS and load setup defaults and enable XMP profile one and test them one set at a time with http://www.memtest.org and be sure to disable legacy USB when running Memtest86 +

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