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AX1200 ATX Cable Burn


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i have 3x AX1200 PSU

before few days ago my pc start randomly shut off (not proper shut down) and some time not power on, i have start check what's wrong and after the checking few thinks i found the problem,

MY both AX1200 PSU ATX Cables are Burn out, but 3rd one still not

anyway i have try to search local stores if any body have spare atx cable of AX1200 i can purchase but here is no body who have AX1200 ATX Cable for sale etc.


so i have contact with Support and create a ticket with my problem description, and after wait of two days i get response from the Support team


"we didn't have ATX cable in Stock so send us your PSU we'll replace etc."


this answer really surprise for me in my PSU not have any problem its working perfect problem has in ATX Cable so why i need to send whole PSU to Corsair ? they didn't now if i send all PSU to Corsair how much it will cost to me, i don't wanna put much money coz of ATX Cables,


so any body can please help me if they are not willing to send some atx cables to the customer i can purchase just give me link from i can purchase AX1200 ATX cable


i have bought all psu from the http://www.pixmania.ie/ date of purchase 2011-08-19 i have all my invoices save in my account, and also i can provide S. no. etc. of my psu if support team Required



Mobo: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme -Z

Graphic Card: 2x ATI 6990 (sapphire)

RAM: 8 Gb XMS3 Corsair

PSU: Corsair AX1200

Processor: i5 2500k


here is few pic










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