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CMFVY3S-32GB failed.


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I've tried inserting it into two different Win 7 computer, a Vista 64 bit computer, and an XP 32 bit computer. No dice on any of them. The light flashes, sometimes. Sometimes it will read a drive, but say it needs to be formatted (it's already been formatted and has plenty of data on it). Most of the time it will flash once, or a few times, and nothing, doesn't read a drive, doesn't pop up the auto-run window, nothing in My Computer. All of the USB ports were 2.0 ports, and the drive is a 3.0, but I don't have a 3.0 port to try it on. (Wanted to future proof).


I'm sorry that this is the second Corsair flash drive that I've had problems with (not the same one before). Is there anything I can do, or does it need to be RMA'd? Bought it from Newegg February 13th this year.


I really do like Corsair (I wouldn't use any other RAM, if my life depended on it), I just hope issues like these can be ironed out.

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Unfortunately I already mailed it as an RMA. Your support service was extremely quick in issuing one (only a matter of a couple of hours). Once I get the new one, I'll post those numbers here in case there is another issue with the new one (hopefully there won't be).



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