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Another 650D loud front fan annoyance


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Hi Corsair,


I have been buying and selling your products for years now, every friend/customer i recommend your psu's and memory.


I should have researched before i bought this case but i ended up getting the 650D only last night and set it up only to find a really annoying fan noise coming from the front. I disconnect the fan and the case is beautifully quiet.


As soon as i looked it up in google, so many hits came up immediately that this is a well documented issue and isn't the fan itself. I then ended up speak to a mate who has the same case and he told me the same, he ended up cutting out his front grill. I do not want to do that at this stage.


The model is CC650DW-1 so i believe this was meant to be addressed but all i received was 8 rubber mounts in the box with the screws and no instructions if i was supposed to install these or not. How many on each corner. I saw pics of long rubber fan push pins being supplied but i did not get these?


For now i am forced to unplug the front fan but i didn't spend all this money on this case to have to do that. I have a heavily overclocked i7 so i want to keep things cool as much as possible.


Other solution is to buy a different 200mm fan but most say they wont fit without moving the hard drive bays. This also annoys me because i just spent a lot of time doing all my cable management so that it is really neat and hidden, all cable tied off too.


Looking for advice here. This small annoyance has ruined a nice case for me. Aside from this im happy with the case overall and its quality.

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I removed my front fan on the 650D and replaced it with the BitFenix 200X200X25 Blue LED (There are other colors) and it fits just fine. BitFenix also has a plug so you disable the LED if you do not care for lights, or get the non-LED version. The 25mm version of the 200mm fan has more static pressure and higher CFM.


Check it out... here.


Anything over 25mm in width will be too big if you are keeping the drive bays in the original placement up front. I tried the Coolermaster 200X30 too wide.

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I just replaced the stock fans with Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm and I can confirm that the front one makes more noise than the top one because of the grill that's too close to the fan. It causes restriction thus more noise.


Altough the Bitfenix fans push more air and make less noise than the stock fans, the only "true" solution to this issue is unfortunately to cut the front grill...

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I would try using Rubber Washers between the fan and the case to move the fan out a little and see if that helps with the noise


Thats basically what ive done plus ive replaced the standard fans, its really really reduced the noise. Adding rubber washers to push the fans away from the honeycombe mesh helps a lot, you'll obviously need longer screws though. To be honest i found the stock fans that came with the case unbearable noise wise, one of them also had a noise coming from it that sounded like a faint clicking noise, after i heard how loud they were i decided to change them anyway.


I'm using 2 x Cooler Master Megaflow 200mm fans for the front and top, for the rear exhaust i'm using a Corsair AF 120mm, quiet high air flow fan.


It would be good if Corsair extended the AF range of fans to include 200mm fans as the 120mm on the rear is very good.

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