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Corsair Performance Pro - Any FW updates coming soon?


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So The "O", Plextor, and The "C" have all produced updated firmwares for their Marvell controller based SSDs, where is Corsair in all of this? Plextor has shown that with some firmware tweaks, the Marvell controller based SSDs can really produce better results than they already do.


What's the hold up?

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Why bothering releasing a fw update when there is no open issue / room for performance improvement? :D:


the big question is: why did you even bother posting :roll:


MacGenius is a performance pro/corsair user asking a valid question. i'm just hoping corsair is not going to release another drive, i.e., the same drive with a different FW, and abandon us ppro users who had some insight into performance in the first place.

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