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my ssd F120GB2 is freezing every 5 min.


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hi everybody !


I don't know why, but five days ago, my corsair ssd f120gb2 was freezing every 5 minutes and now it still happening again !


after I read a lot of posts on this forum, i tried a lot of things, but nothing have changed !


I uploaded 2.0 to 2.4 my firmware

I uploaded my BIOS

Change sata cable


i tried this : http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/177819-ahci-link-power-management-enable-hipm-dipm.html



but my SSD continue to freeze every 5 minutes !


somebody have a solution please ?! I don't really want to change my ssd !


(ps : sorry for my english !)

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ok thanks for your answers !


I turned on the disk cache, but nothing change !


about my config I filled in the blank in my profil but I put it below :


motherboard : ASUS P5E X38 S775 PCIE DDR2 GL/SAR


Processor : Intel Core QUAD Q9450BOX 2.66 Ghz SKT 775 FSB1333 6MBcache


Memory : DDR2 2048MO Dual (2*1024) 1066 PC8500 C5 original CORSAIR/SOKA


Video Card : Club 3D GeForce GTX 570 1,25 Go CoolStream Edition


Hard Drive 1 : corsair ssd f120gb2


Hard Drive 2 : samsung 500GO diamond max22


Power Supply : SEASONIC m12-600W


Operating System : windows 7 32 bit


thanks for your help, I hope that my SSD stop freeze every 5 min... (I want to play diablo 3 ><)

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Try a different SATA port.

Reset the BIOS to defaults by shorting the pins or by removing the CMOS battery. (If you have enabled AHCI, Check the BIOS if you need to change it back from IDE to AHCI).

Run a ATTO benchmark and post a screenshot.

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I presume you cold booted since you un-installed Avast.


In that case, re-install it.


I think it is a problem that only strikes with certain processors with the right version of Windows.


And, it may have only been something corrupted about that virus update.


But others had the problem too and removal cured it -- so it was worth a shot.


I just unistalled avast from my computer but nothing have change.


any others solutions ?

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yep, I did what you said !


-I changed the SATA port,

-reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery

-Go to AHCI mode


and now a screenshot of my SSD thanks to ATTO benchmark :




for the moment nothing have change.


(may be that strikes some certain processors, but it's boring, I just hope this problem will be solved !)


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I re-installed Avast Internet Security this morning and the latest download seems to be working fine.


Good luck with your SSD. When it works it's great.




Update ... I thought it was ok but after several hours it suddenly began freezing again.

So I un-installed it again and this morning I put the AVG Free version to see if it freezes too.

So far so good but only a couple of hours.

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after few days,


I tried a lot of things but nothing have worked.


Now I think, I'm going to do a secure erase on my SSD and go back to a HDD classic.


I read on the web that other SSD have the same problem, after few months they begin to freeze.


the profitability of a SSD is bad, if I knew that, I didn't buy it !


I appreciated your help ! good luck for everybody !



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