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Screws for the Corsair 400R


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I bought the 400R Case from a online dealer the case have not provided with the screws.that are required to mount the fans on the Rt.panel & Top I have cooler master blade master Fans I want to fit it as they have PWM connector but screw that cooler master have .provided to mount the fan are not useful with this cabinet I want 20 Screws to mount the fans on the cabinet


I have Submitted ticket to the Corsair technical team the ticket no is 4656250

Will company send me those special screws to me What will be the cost?


I read on the forum that lot of people are suffering from this problem some people said that company provided the screws to them


I live in India

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Yes, it would be the same policy in India.



It is not true the Corsair has very poor very pooooor service in India, I have called the Corsair for the screws needed for the My Corsair 400 R they told me to give my address I provided them & there is no further conversation from technical team.


I also tried to purchase the accessories box I can't because I live in India (UPS have their service in my city) I found that there is no name of India in the country list that means I can not provide my address .


If corsair ships to most underdeveloped countries in world why not to India.

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exactly even i live in india and i got the code to order the accessory box from corsair site for free of cost but failed to do so, because as india was not mentioned in country list.then got in contact with the tech support and was able to submit RMA but after submitting RMA they want to me to return the defective part.yeah lol. i sent them several mails from last 1 month stating that i want the screws and i have nothing to return and they didn't replied to any of my mails.

Corsair sells hell lot of cases and mainly ram and psu in india but still neglects india in these cases though kaizen infotech(who handles corsair service in india) provides a good after sales service.still corsair should respond to these type of request from indain customers.they have this problem from several months and so many people faced problems because of this but still corsair doesn't ship new cases with the correct screws.thats ridiculous and i didn't expect this from corsair.

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