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New Corsair Platinum Rated PSU


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I know the gold professional series are great PSUs but I'm looking at upgrading a part in my PC this summer and I think I might upgrade my PSU.


Many other manufactors are coming out with the new platinum rated power supplies. Any idea or word if Corsair plans on doing the same???


Thanks in advance...

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They never comment on rumored / unreleased products. Last I saw was a post by Redbeard on another forum back in November:

Right now there's nothing super exciting about Platinum, and in order to make a Platinum PSU with the AX1200 specs, you're talking a huge cost increase for a very limited gain.


We've got it in our sights in the future, of course, but for right now, most "Platinum" PSUs have worse ripple/noise and voltage regulation, for example, than their Gold counterparts, and they add a lot of cost.


So we haven't announced anything, but we're not ignorant to the fact that Platinum is the next step.

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Loving the AX850, perfect for a high-performance silent rig with the fan never spinning up when using office apps or non-cpu non-video intensive tasks, even when it does spin up during gaming its inaudible, awesome Sanyo Denki fan inside.


But the unit is really beginning to look old, compared to all the new units Corsair is making available.




I realize no information is ever given out on future products, but I can't be the only Corsair enthusiast that is waiting for the successors to the AX750 AX850 and AX1200. Please announce the new Platinum Corsair High-End units during Computex on June 5th. Please!:D:

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